We only sell high quality expanded metal, so whichever material you choose, you guarantee your bee colonies the best environment. Please see our exclusive product, proven and used in many European countries, saving you money, great feedback, unique. Perfect solution for your Hive Floor to help with Varroa mites. Varroa mites are recognised as the biggest pest to honeybees worldwide due to their ability to transmit diseases. When mites occasionally fall off a bee, they must climb back up to parasitize another bee. If the beehive has a screened floor with mesh the right size, the mite falls through and cannot return to the beehive. The screened bottom board is also being credited with increased circulation of air, which reduces condensation in a hive during the winter. Sold in 10m rolls this product is specially prepared for shipping. It is passed through the straightening tool, rolled and packed accordingly, so when used, it will not deform or automatically roll back.